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Anything that you can imagine, we actually bring it to live adding inspirational spices

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We focus on your vision, we use many factors that impact the sharpness of a photo

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Black Pride Magazine features hot latest news, interesting articles, facts, stories, debates, activities, etc.

Digital Media

Providing incredible high level audios, videos and photos content.

Black Pride Media

is a envisioned production house, producing high quality film production for brands who are interested in telling they stories in the best equipment the industry can offer. Mingling your ideas with ours and resulting in crispy pixels for the eye to feed on.

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Documentaries Series


We intend to provide you with documentaries that are regarded as the supreme form of expression. We cover the best documentaries about almost everything, cars, education, wildlife, war, medical miracles as well as featuring videos, interviews, schedule information and guides.


The best digital and printed out publication you’ll ever find. With our exceptional style, solid contents, articles, stories, guides, photos, etc., Black Pride Media conquers the whole of Southern Africa.


We provide a range of high quality digital media, i.e., a blend of technology, content and building digital media products. We have a team of professionals with various expertise, including technical skills, creative skills, analytical and production management skills.


Black pride media’s art of making motion pictures is out of this world. The modern classification of cinema that speaks stories, ideas, perceptions, feelings, beauty or experiences by the means of recorded or programmed moving images along with other stimulations.


We also cover everything concerning action, i.e., Sports, Events, Movies, etc. We are fully skilled and experienced, we have all the resources to produce any action feature, and our professionals are experts to perfectly capture any stunt performed.


Our experience in short format production is absolutely exceptional. Black Pride Media has done a lot of 1-60 minutes products, including amazing music video from numerous artist in South Africa. We have all required materials to produce high level formats of any desired products.


The coolest way to broadcast your event live. Cloud streaming service includes playback on any device. Black Pride Media is also able to provide you with various types of media that broadcast without a significant delay, audience is able to watch, like and share the content as it is transmitted.


It could be a circumstance where a group of contestants are stranded in a remote location, people hoping for an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills in front of the judges and the world, well-recognized individuals showing their private life to the world, or covering a wildlife survival contests. Black Pride Media also does reality show as well.


Black Pride media also capture and produce docuseries for television channels or for documentary channels. Producing any program, featuring any kind of story from various background.

we offer a range of services and products.

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We are passionate about telling poeple's stories and capturing unforgettable moments. We believe in creating brands that leaves a print in ones hearts, moments that are unforgettable


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